Friday, September 08, 2006

West Virginia and Virginia Tackle Supply Chain and Evacuation Scenarios

Last week, public safety officials from Virginia and other states likely to receive refugees from a disaster in the Washington area have agreed to work together on regional evacuation plans.
They attended a conference this week in West Virginia, where they discussed how to provide food, fuel, medical attention and other necessities during an evacuation that could reach numbers of into the millions.

West Virginia Military Affairs and Public Safety Secretary James Spears says he and counterparts from neighboring states are creating a work group to tackle regional evacuation planning.

Spears says the group will discuss "very specifically" all of the potential problems of refugees -- including transportation, housing, feeding and caring for them in metro areas such as Richmond, Virginia; Columbus, Ohio; or Lexington, Kentucky.
Sadly, it is about time that we start to look at these type of issues...hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst. I wouldn't mind being a part of these discussions. How about you?


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