Monday, July 24, 2006

Exel Earns Award of Excellence from the GIL!

The Institute has honoured Exel in recognition of the company’s outstanding contribution to the development of global supply chain excellence.

The ‘Award of Excellence’ was presented by Kieran Ring, Chief Executive of the Institute at the North American Industry Dinner held to honor the memory of founding Chairman Robert V. Delaney, during the US 3PL Summits at the Buckhead Intercontinental, Atlanta on 27 June 2006. Exel was identified by the Institute through its research on how supply chain strategy is being deployed by global consumer product brands in support of sourcing in China. The Institute’s study of ‘best in class’ in Supply Chain Management on the Trans Pacific route has taken place over the last 24 months and as a result of this study the Institute has conferred its highest honor, the ‘Award of Excellence’.
Mike Gardner, chief development officer, Exel, said this award illustrates the company’s objective of strategically and operationally supporting shippers in improving their supply chain from purchase order to point of purchase. “As the supply chain continues to lengthen in response to the globalization of new markets, we’re actively working with our customers to devise and implement solutions making their businesses more competitive,” Gardner explained. “Additionally, we’re leveraging the global expertise and resources of our colleagues throughout the DHL Logistics division to customize strategies for our customers’ unique challenges.”
Speaking at the presentation Kieran Ring said:
“Over the last year, the maritime logistics piece is the one that has talked to us the most, particularly as we looked at trade between China and the US. It’s no longer a competitive advantage for US firms to source in China; practically everyone is there. As a result, most logisticians in the US would like to narrow the Pacific Ocean. That’s not going to happen, but thought leadership and good relationships can make a difference.”
Exel's Senior Director Michael Stolarczyk attended the dinner to accept the award. On receiving it, he said:
“It’s a great honor to be involved in this initiative with amazing companies like Home Depot (also recognised on the night). The award is wonderful, but I see it not as a destination, but as a challenge for continuous innovation on this collaborative journey.”
Mr Stolarczyk explained that the aim of Exel was to help shipper organisations improve their operations “from PO (purchase order) to PoP (point of purchase),” and that sharing information and achieving greater visibility were important elements of that.


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