Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Manage your life as you would manage your business...

I was going through an old presentation that I made to a group of students and found this thread...

The greatest risk is never taking one.

As early as possible, everyone has to take control of his or her career and personal life. Manage your life as you would manage your own business: Pro-actively, diligently, intensely. Never assume someone will look out for you, or manage your life...you have to take the initiative and constantly facilitate your own personal and professional life. Take risks, expand your life experiences, and don't settle for gauging your success or failure on someone else's metrics. Set your own goals, be your own judge, and don't let someone else's career, or what you read, or what you see on television be the benchmark.

In life, and business, superior performance is always the key to independence of action. If you want to manage people, assets, and organizations, you first have to be able to manage yourself. By doing this, you lead by example, which your subordinates and your superiors will recognize immediately.

Treat everyone the same, with respect and loyalty. As your career develops, you will have a chance to make a positive impression on these people. If your career spans many years in the same company, remember that the way you treat people on the way up the corporate ladder, will be returned...in kind...on your way down that same ladder.

Sage advice? Or, just wishful thinking on my part? It is my hope that there are few people out there that live by this creed as well...


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