Friday, February 08, 2008

Launching VisibleLogistics, the on-line solution for demanding customers

Where is my stuff?

Isn't it all to often the question? If you have a small business shipping what it sells, or if you buy from one, this is happening all the time: once a shipment has left your premises, it is most of the time completely invisible for you or your customers. You are depending on the efficiency and good will of a transporter with whom you often have no direct communication, should anything go wrong. Your customer is just as left in the dark as you are. But it is not better for the party
organising the transport: it has no way of making sure that the delivery address is correct, that there will be someone to receive the package or simply to warn that his trucker is blocked in a trafic jam.

This was the first idea behind VisibleLogistics. For people running small businesses, keeping tracks of orders and shipments is vital but it can also be very time consuming. Phone calls, sending email and faxes are all important for managing communication with suppliers, transporters or customers.

And very often, these people have to copy all these exchanges of information in spreadsheets again.

This requires duplication of efforts and it takes precious time. The ideal tool for small and medium businesses.

With VisibleLogistics, smaller business can save themselves these tedious aspects and unreliable ways of communicating. VisibleLogistics merges in one on-line and on-demand application all the processes linked to orders, deliveries, inventory and communication with the other partners of the supply chain. It monitors orders and shipments status, and automatically sends e-mails to the relevant parties when important changes occur.

Unlike the track and trace systems provided by the express carriers and large shipping companies, VisibleLogistics monitors orders and shipments across different carriers and transport modes. This can be useful if agents are moving shipments with a variety of different carriers. Indeed VisibleLogistics is being used by some small forwarders to provide shipment monitoring and status updates to their customers, enabling them to provide service levels that match those of their larger competitors.

Sell it, Ship it, See it.

The benefits of VisibleLogistics are improved accuracy, round the clock availability of information for customers and a single view of all order and shipment activity.
VisibleLogistics is designed to support small businesses by:

- Managing orders using an easy to use application controlled through any standard web browser

- Giving buyers and carriers on-line access to information about orders, status and catalogues

- Notifying business partners by e-mail or SMS when orders are created and when statuses change

- Adding comments to orders, communicating with business partners and vice-versa

The basic features of VisibleLogistics are free to use and can be found at

I love it..."where is my stuff?"

Don't we always ask this of ourselves, and plenty of times during our daily work life...this is an awesome tool for you gonzo supply chain executives out there...

Ken Lyon and crew are onto something here...give it a try...tell me what you think.