Tuesday, October 02, 2007

BitLogistics Blog

My old buddy Ken Lyon continues to be ahead of the logistics curve with VisableLogistics and its partner site BitLogistics. He was gracious enough to list me on his new blog role, so I am returning the favor. Check it out “logheads!”

BitLogistics provides solutions for monitoring and managing supply chains, both large and small, simple or complex.

Supply chain visibility
Supply chains are a vital support for the global economy. Outsourcing, 'Just in Time' operations and supplier choice, all depend on responsive and reliable supply chains. BitLogistics provides the technology platforms that help to meet these challenges.

Shippers now expect instant access to shipment information, which, up until now, was only available from the large global carriers. Thanks to solutions provided by BitLogistics, any organisation providing supply chain services can do the same.

Regulatory complianceGovernments are increasing the demands for detailed order and shipment information to enhance security and improve Customs clearance processes. Major corporations are expecting more detailed information from their suppliers and trading partners to enhance performance and also ensure legislative compliance. (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley regulations)

More information + More Collaboration = Improved Performance

This builds trust between trading partners and strengthens business relationships.
BitLogistics solutions help customers to reduce cost and improve service. They can show where bottlenecks are reducing operational performance and where excess inventory is absorbing working capital. These solutions can alert customers to problems enabling them to correct issues before they impact the customer.

Read more about what we are up to on the BitLogistics Blog (you can navigate to this blog via the link listed to your right).


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