Monday, March 19, 2007

Samskip Heads Up New EU-Funded Project - CREATE3S

CREATE3S is a new research project funded by the European Commission. Bringing together some of the leading companies in short sea shipping and ship design, CREATE3S aims to develop a new generation of short sea vessels utilizing advanced design and manufacturing techniques, enabling Europe to strengthen its shipping and shipbuilding competitiveness. The project is being coordinated by Samskip Multimodal Container Logistics BV in Rotterdam and the company says it intends to be a prominent user of the concept.

The CREATE3S concept visualizes a vessel consisting of two principal modules: a ship hull module and one or more large cargo modules. The CREATE3S concept is intended to be equally applicable to container, dry bulk and liquid cargoes. When the vessel arrives in port, it will be possible to separate quickly the cargo modules from the ship section, placing them on the quay. The ship module is then mated with other cargo modules for the return voyage. In this way, time in port for the more expensive component, the ship module with its crew, machinery and bridge/navigation systems, will be minimized. The cargo units can then be unloaded and made ready for the next vessel call.

This approach will combine the ability for a standard ship design to be tuned to very different trades and commodities whilst using advanced construction techniques such as the industrial fabrication of large series of standardized basic modules. This is expected to reduce both operational and manufacturing costs. Production lead-times should also be trimmed by about 10%.

Mix and match cargo options for the 21st century! Stay tuned to see if this concept will looks like it has some sea legs, to me!


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