Monday, April 24, 2006

Integrated Container Inspection Systems and the Beagle Brigade?

Members of Congress will view an array of security devices at an open house on Capitol Hill April 25. Science Applications International Corp. will demonstrate a "virtual" edition of the Integrated Container Inspection System at an invitational reception at the Russell Senate Office Building on Tuesday evening.

The ICIS technology can inspect containers for suspicious contents and radiation as they enter a terminal's gates at normal speeds. A pilot program is under way at two terminals in Hong Kong. Several members of Congress have cited ICIS as a system the U.S. should include in its supply-chain security strategy.

Customs and Border Protection will display everything from night vision goggles to the "Beagle Brigade," the team of dogs that assists border agricultural specialists. Customs will show a mobile laboratory, personal radiation detection devices, and puppies from the agency's kennel and training facility at Front Royal, Va.

Do you think they are going to scan the beagles before they let them into the session?


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